Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Shit MONTH

Making all your wishes come true since 2007!

Well, we promised free shit this week, but I wasn't expecting to have NEARLY this much stuff to give away. As a result - September shall heretofore be known as FREE SHIT MONTH. We will be doing contests to give away DVD's from our good friends at A&E and the History channel (not copies for once, but we don't really care what you do when you get them), some electronics from Microsoft (thanks guys - now fix my computer), random shit from other various sources (read: dumpster), and of course, our own personal Luol's Dong Schwag (wear it proud).

Contest rules and guidelines will accompany each giveaway post. Look for posts marked DONG AND PONY SHOW for your chance to score some free shit. We'll be doing it all month, so if you don't win once...odds are you're really not all that clever or funny and the odds of you winning are severely diminished.

Stay tuned!

(PBF rules)

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