Monday, September 22, 2008

Ugh - Bearing Down Indeed


Well, if Sunday's suckfest taught us anything, it's that this offense wouldn't be any better with Bernard Berrian right now. Not only is Berrian nursing some aches and pains, but I don't think even Devin Hester could catch up to Orton's overthrown passes. Berrian, we miss your time spent in the Grossman era, but having you here does nothing.

Also, Brandon Lloyd made some Orton turds look, well, catchable. I especially like the badly underthrown one (which one was that?) he caught behind his helmet for a big gain. If you were listening to the game on radio (or on TV for you blind readers out there that get the Dong in your daily Braille Mail), all you heard was "look at the great adjustment Lloyd made on that pass by Orton." In English, that means that Lloyd had to change directions in mid-air and backtrack for an underthrown wobbler.

Still, how about that second half line, eh? Aaron Rodgers can suck it!

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