Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Fearless Leader

Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut! YAAAAAAY!!!

Did we seriously just embarrass the Colts last night? The Colts run game that anally abused us in the Superbowl we held to less than 50 yards on the night - pretty good when the main guy there is Joseph Addai. Not only that, but we pressured Manning on every play (granted, with Saturday out, a rookie Center is not going to help him any) and even grabbed him for a few Bursa Sacks.

The headlines you'll be reading today will be talking about Matt Forte and our defense, and how without them we'd have been screwed last night. I'll tell you a different story - one about a man with poise and quick thinking who led this team to victory. He converted on 3rd downs where we needed them most, and kept the offense cool and level-headed in a tight situation. You know who I'm talking about...


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