Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bears get Buenning

Some kid once made fun of my hair, so I ate him.

In a move that does little for us in the longrun, the Bears acquired Dan Buenning from the Bucs (as part of that "oh yeah, we owe you" deal with Greise going back to Tampa). That's all well and good...except that he wasn't good enough to win the starting job with the Bucs last year, and that we're still totally fucked on our offensive line. Metcalf at Tackle? Please!

I especially love this "excitement filled" line from the Sun-Times article:

"Now the Bears have eight healthy offensive linemen to work with as first-round pick Chris Williams rehabs his back injury."

Oh boy! EIGHT healthy linemen! We're in great shape now, right? Well, last I checked, you need to have FIVE of those guys starting, so three backups available to a team of underachieving turds in a row does NOT get my hopes up.

I hear Cedric Benson is available...

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