Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dong and Pony Show Contest 3: iPod Stuff

I'm officially killing Contest 2 - no winners, no good entries. Why? Most of the comments I got seemed genuinely terrified about the contest, citing that they would "have to be insane" to try and enter, or that "I'm very sensitive about my feces." Likewise, many people simply didn't enter because they didn't care about the DVD, and why waste precious energy trying to think for an item that doesn't interest you? I refuse to let Free Shit Month hit a rough patch, so to circumvent these issues, I announce Dong and Pony Show Contest 3!

Don't think that DVDs are unique and valuable? Fine. Here's a Kensington iPod FM adapter. This is designed for all the folks out there who hate all the music on the radio, but also seem to hate listening to the same CD for more than 30 seconds. Now you can take all of your OCD song-selection skills with you to the car! I personally miss the days when I could connect external media via the tape deck.

So while we're on the subject of Apple, the little company that could, here's what you need to do to win:

TO WIN: Send us an explanation of why you believe someone is the least appreciated player in Chicago sports history. Past or present, I don't care (I'm personally going with a certain one-armed White Sox pitcher, but you can probably do better). Entries are due by Sunday night at 8 PM (CT), and winners will be announced Monday morning. Use the weekend to think, people!

WINNERS: Kensington iPod FM transmitter, and Luol's Dong raffle ticket for grand prize.

RUNNER UPS: Raffle ticket OR Shockwave DVD (if desired).

Final entries are due by Sunday night, so get crackin'.


The TPC said...
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The TPC said...

In light of last weeks great performance by Matt Forte, I have settled on a choice.

The most underappreciated Chicago sports athlete especially in my lifetime is Neal Anderson.

Lets think about it, he is the back up of Walter Payton and then is his successor, easily the most beloved bear of all time. The pressure following Paytons exit was enormous, fill the shoes of the best running back of all time. Neal Anderson did just that. He was selected to four pro bowls rushed for over 1000 yards in three seasons. Not to mention, he didnt bitch or moan and actually carried some pretty bad teams.

Finally, the guy is fucking awesome in Super Tecmo Bowl (the greatest video game ever)and actually makes the Bears a decent team to play with. For that reason he is my choice and I dare anyone to fight me on it.

You can just send me the ipod converter now as no one can contend with me!