Thursday, December 20, 2007

Always Bet on Black

Looking sexy in the black uni’s

Bulls beat half of the Wizards, 95-84.

Aaron Gray dropped 10/10/5 in under 30 minutes, looking sleek and smooth as he somehow managed to put the round orange thing in the basket between falling down and needing breathers.

It was obvious after the game…

Aaron Gray is the future of this franchise.

Obviously, it would be easy to say, “oh we should definitely deal Deng, Gordon, Hinrich and maybe Thomas for a solid guard that can feed Gray in the low post”. And it would allow us to trade Wallace, because we have a dominant center, and could get out of that stupid contract. This is such a great situation for us, knowing that we have the next great big center after Shaq and Duncan and someone who can rival Dwight Howard for the next decade. I’m not even sure who I’d rather have, tell you the truth. The only issue is Gray’s stamina (apparently, he needed oxygen after the first 13 minutes on the court) but I’m sure he can work on his conditioning.

"You get a little tired, but when the game's on the line like that, the last thing you want to do is let your teammates down," Gray said.

Did someone say team captain?

In response to a reporter’s question about whether he likes to pitch or receive, Gray answered: "I kind of just take what they give me," just as elusive off the court as on it. This might be our best draft in years!

Hey you guys!!!



Gepetto said...

I still think we should bring back Jack Haley -- he was so clutch during the MJ dynasty as the towel boy.

Henry said...

I'm wondering, when does Wallace loses his starting job to Gray?

Keggers said...

Looks like Wallace has bone spurs and might miss some time.

I feel like we overpaid for a lemon.

The TPC said...

great goonies reference, where is his superman shirt and BABY RUTH

Brad said...

SLOTH!!!! BTW the first person to pick up Aaron Gray and KEEP him in the yahoo league gets a blumpy

Keggers said...

TPC, I'm still laughing at the all-caps Baby Ruth.

I want that Blumpy.

Gepetto said...

Keggers, your photoshop skills are amazing. I love it.