Monday, December 24, 2007

Skiles fired; in other news, Bulls still suck

Merry Christmas Scott Skiles, you've lost your job. What a great Christmas Eve for you. I mean really - have a great holiday.

What exactly does this accomplish? The Bulls start slow every year and turn it around. Either Pax had enough of the horrible starts or just thought Skile's tough approach was wearing thin on the players. My hypothesis is that Kobe didn't want to play for now the door's open for a trade.

In either case, PETE MYERS (?!?!) is the new Bulls interim coach? This is horrible news. The only notable coaching vacancies are Larry Brown, and I'm not sure his 70 year old ass can turn things around here.

Baseball, anyone?


Tinny00 said...

I hope they sign Gary Peckler as the permanent coach.

Gepetto said...

I'd prefer coach Braun. I said "Eeh," not "EhhH!"

Keggers said...


Worst christmas ever for Skiles.

I think Pete Meyers has a moustache though...