Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Friday- hit the links!

Michael Jordan's divorce + The Onion = awesome. ( )

Lance Briggs refuses to live in Urlacher's shadow, demands his own illegitmate child and lawsuit: ( )

For the gamblers: (

For the other types of gamblers: (

The Fridge gets his grill fixed: ( Too bad... he used to be able to fellate the TPC with his mouth closed.

Get excited about the Bears game this week: (

Interesting discussion about how deep Ron Turner's beef is in the Bears ass: (

I'll save you the link (thanks AngryT) but wanted to depress everyone a little bit on erev Christmas. Here is a list of the Bears starting QB's over the last decade:

1990: Jim Harbaugh, Mike Tomczak
1991: Harbaugh
1992: Harbaugh, Peter Tom Willis, Will Furrer
1993: Harbaugh, Willis
1994: Erik Kramer, Steve Walsh
1995: Kramer
1996: Kramer, Dave Kreig
1997: Kramer, Rick Mirer
1998: Kramer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno
1999: Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Jim Miller
2000: McNown, Matthews, Miller
2001: Miller, Matthews
2002: Miller, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris
2003: Kordell Stewart, Chandler, Rex Grossman
2004: Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson
2005: Kyle Orton, Grossman
2006: Grossman
2007: Grossman, Brian Griese, Orton

I miss Jim Miller and his chisled, steroid abused body.

Holiday weekend treats!

Happy holidays!


Trogdor said...

Next Door Nikki wearing a Cubs jersey? I'M IN HEAVEN!

Gepetto said...

Sosa's hair...


Just wow.

Brad said...

Okay, so I went to to check out where you got that photo.


I'm now being held by NBC and Chris Hansen has me by the balls.

Ilan said...

When I saw a post about "The Gambler" I had higher expectations. Fulfill me Ortho, like you never could in real life.