Friday, December 28, 2007

I Highly Doubt That

According to today's Rick Morrisey column in the Chicago Tribune, changing the name of Wrigley Field should affect nothing, and the name of the field is just a name.

"When the Cubs began allowing Fox to scroll its ads on the bricks behind home plate at Wrigley a few years back, I wasn't outraged. And in February, when the Cubs sold the green doors amid the ivy on the outfield walls to Under Armour, I wasn't fazed. And apparently I wasn't alone. If you were waiting for Jesus to drive out the moneychangers at Wrigley, it didn't happen. There are things to put a foot down over. This isn't one of them."


So we could sell out the name of the stadium to pretty much whoever we wanted, and as long as I can still piss in the same trough as Ty Cobb, everything will be OK?

Name me one fan in their right mind who would be OK with this:


Joseph said...

the naming rights game has gotten out of hand look at some of the names that sports stadiums and arenas have had over the years:

Enron Field that was a great marketing cover for a company bankrupting half of houston. Gillette Stadium was only named that after the orignal naming campany CMGI went bankrupt and had to back out of their deal. AT&T park has had 3 names in five. the titans had to struggle to find a new name for their stadium after Adelphia went bankrupt. then u have the best name of them all the arena where the Nashville predators play was known as Gaylord Entertainment Center which let to lines like this: In February 2005, it was announced that the Predators and Gaylord had reached an agreement terminating any further involvement between them, and that the Gaylord name would remain on the building only until a new purchaser could be found for the naming rights.

the angels have even bucked the trend and have reverted from Edison Field to Angel Stadium copying the yankees and more importantly for them the dodgers. the yankees are buildiing a new park and what are they doing they are calling it yankee stadium even though they could probably get over $1B in a naming rights deal while the mets went the opposite way and took the cash from citi angering some fans

wrigley field goes with yankee stadium fenway park dodger stadium the only way u can change the name of the stadium is by knocking it down and making a new one that will resemble nothing of the old one.

The TPC said...

three words, US Cellular field.

Gepetto said...

Hey, that at least gives us some cool "dominance" style nicknames like "The Cell."

Is anyone going to want to play at "The Tampon?"

Also, Wrigley was ALREADY an ad for gum. Whore.