Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Think That Just About Does It

In perhaps the most disappointing fashion, the Bears 2007 run is over. Disappointing not just because of the loss, but because the defense held strong for nearly the entire game. This D played with more heart and energy than they had showed in any single game all season long. Urlacher looked like Urlacher, Briggs was the beast we know him to be, and we saw clearly why we missed Nathan Vasher so badly these last 10 weeks.

But alas, you cannot win football games on defense alone. Despite his pleas for playing time and to be given a second chance, Kyle Orton is terrible. To paraphrase a great man, 'He is who we thought he was'. The Bears are now left with a ton of work to do this off season. We need a quarterback, and we are going to need to replace some parts on both lines. But before we get into speculation, predictions, trade rumors and wish lists, allow us to mourn what should have been a great season.

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