Thursday, December 20, 2007

All Our Cubs Are Belong To Us

Hello! Chicago America!

Hi, my name is Kosuke Fukudome! I am very happy to be able to sign my contract and play with this historic team. I look forward to playing in such a historic ballpark and playing in front of such ecstatic fans. I am thrilling to be playing in wonderful land of white snow and peoples! Throughout most years of all of my life I am wanting to hit HOME RUNS! in famous cities all over Americans!

Money is fun, baseballs is legendary and I am hoping to be make much monies and making many baseballs go away in Wrigley Field Town! Master Lou has been magestical, and I am looking ahead in time to many high fives with shortstop Riot Man and Spanish Horse Z-Man. Z-Man is scary Spanish bull and I am exciting for seeing him make millions of strikeouts in consecutive innings!

I shall be proficient at bringing multiple styles of batting, also the same for hurling balls from outfields, in order to banish men from their home. The waters of your great native lake shall tremble at the wonders of my many skills, and the buildings of history crumble in fear of my dragon-beast-like attitude.

Welcome me to your Chicago Land!


Brad said...

Wow, it's like you input a rational post into Google "translate" and asked it to do "Engrish"

Gepetto said...

You should have added a line about "big American penis." This just wouldn't be a post on a Keggers blog without it