Monday, December 24, 2007

Cuba Gooding

Alexei Ramirez looks good in that video -- he hits the clutch home run, and he runs 10x faster than Konerko just trotting around the bases.

Also, tearing at his shirt and then having another man slap his ass gets him extra points with Keggers.

You've got to wonder how they can do the whole "line of high-fives" before the game is even over. Maybe they were going to kill the loser with a lawnmower. Yeah, that sounds intolerant enough.

My gut instinct tells me to like Ramirez. Technically youthful, plays 2B, CF and SS, and is essentially a whole season's worth of Pablo Ozuna.

Then again, this is Cuba we're talking about. Converting from Cuban years is kind of like converting to dog years. Ramirez is listed as 26 in Cuba, which means that he's probably 38 in American years. He's going to be playing under his career numbers, you say? Um, he hit .332 with 87 home runs and 391 RBIs over the past seven seasons. Cuba ball is equivalent to AA ball, but shit -- he could play to 2/3 of those numbers and still be better than anything we've had at 2B or CF in a while.

I'm not going to make any crazy conclusion that the Sox are going to beat Detroit and Cleveland for the division, but hey, at least we're one step further from starting Richar, Anderson and Owens at the same time.

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Brad said...

Sorry, you got the wrong A-Ram