Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coming Up Roses

"I did not inhale."

Holy crap! A scandal!

(Checks Google for "Briggs" and "Soto")


Well, there's apparently some scandal going on involving the Illinois-USC Rose Bowl tickets. Long story short, there's only 3,000 seats offered, and they sold out within an hour. If you're at all interested in going to this game, it could cost you up to $800 to get a ticket. Crazy.

We know tickets are expensive, and we know scalpers all assholes ever since Brad spent a week sucking "sea people" out of a hose to get Hannah Montana tickets. So what's the scandal?

University of Illinois President Joseph White (above) sold more than 450 tickets at face value, and he's not saying where they went. From the Sun Times:

"U. of I.'s response to the newspaper's Freedom of Information Act request listed only university and public officials who bought seats from the president's office. More than 400 other names were blacked out."

So to sum it up, the prez has about 450 friends, connections, or bribe-related comrades that he's getting tickets for. That would be like a Best Buy manager selling a ginormous TV for $300 because he's a friend. Bullshit. Well, I'm used to getting screwed over, I guess...

"The Sun-Times is appealing the university's decision and also is taking its case to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office."

Oh snap!


Joseph said...

the rose bowl holds over 90,000 people and this is no great scandal it probably happens for every bowl game and is only getting attention because there is nothing else to cover right now

Brad said...

okay, i worked hard for those hannah montana tix and you're not giving me enough credit.

Gepetto said...

You could have had those tickets for a lemon chill