Monday, December 17, 2007

Chicago: Where talent goes to die and worthless, overpaid pieces of crap come home to roost

So this is going to be a mini-series of posts examining why this goddamned city always produces great players AFTER they've left Chicago, while simultaneously bringing back old, worthless and overpaid athletes who are way past their prime. Each week I'll post one player in each scenario.

Elton Brand. What's wrong with a perennial All-Star who will get you a consistent 20 and 10 each night? A lot, according to Jerry Krause. Mr. Donuts decided that a young workhorse in Brand wasn't good enough to build a team around, so he shipped him off. Why, god, why? Brand was and STILL IS what the bulls are missing; a legitimate inside threat. Granted, Brand's been nowhere in terms of team success in the NBA - but you have to figure he'll get there eventually with the right team behind him. Oh, maybe a team that would have looked like this:

F- Brand
C-Brad Miller
G -Hinrich
G - Gordon

not to mention, Deng, Noch, etc

But that's just conjecture, that team never would have actually happened. Naw.

Ben Wallace. You won't be able to get me to shut up while talking about this worthless piece of crap/midget center/heartless, whiny bitch. If you tell me the Bulls were willing to sacrifice offense for defense, then why the hell trade Chandler? Chandler is 10 years younger and 2x better than Wallace is at this stage of his career. Plus we owe him the whole fucking bank.

The guy shows up only when he wants to, only came here for the cash, and is a serious liability on the court at all times. It's like the Bulls are playing analagously to my middle school basketball team when I was on the floor: everyone knew I was there, but no one wanted to pass to me because they knew the ball would wind up nowhere near in the basket.


Keggers said...

Why does this keep happening to us?

I think the Wallace trade was smart in theory, we just dealt for the wrong guy. He's not giving us anything on the offensive side of the ball and we've kept drafting big defnesive guys to play around him (why?!?!).

Brad said...

A "trade" would imply we actually got something in return for Wallace. I guess we "traded" all of our team's money for him, since he was a free agent.

You're probably referring to Tyson Chandler for PJ Brown. Oh, how'd that work out for us BTW?

Keggers said...