Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Root or not to Root that is the question?

(Wiping the tears away)

Now that the Bears season is officially over, there remains one crucial decision for the dedicated fans: To root or not to root?

Fantanking (rooting for your team to lose) has been an issue for hardcore fans ever since the advent of the draft. What do you do when your team is mathematically out of contention? Many fans blatantly express their desire for their teams demise and feel extremely comfortable in doing so because they feel they are helping the franchise in the long run. Personally, I've never felt comfortable rooting against my beloved teams in order to obtain a better draft pick.

Lets go over the bears 1st round drafting history for the last 10 years:

1998- Curtis P. Enis (Bust)
1999- Cade Mcnown (Bust)
2000- Brian Urlacher (Awesome)
2001- David Terell (Bust)
2002- Marc Columbo (Bust)
2003- Michael Haynes (Bust)
2004- Tommie Harris (Awesome)
2005- Cedric Benson (TBD but big bust as of yet)
2006- Daniel Manning (Girls name and has played well)
2007- Greg Olsen (Going to be great)

Additionally many second round picks have panned out better, (Mark "Sack Meast" Anderson and Devin "I'd let him have sex with my bubbie" Hester).

As you can see our 1st round drafting history is not that impressive, and rooting for a bears loss is just too much for me. In my humble opinion, I want the bears to kick ass against the packers and win out the season.

P.S. Is it just me or does Tim Tebow look eerily like Rex Grosssman (Both Romosexuals)


Gepetto said...

I don't think I could ever will the bears to completely tank. I think we should trade our first round pick for a 2nd and 3rd rounder every year anyways because I think we do a better job with it

Keggers said...


We are much better in the later rounds where we are less tempted to draft offensive skill players.

We need to go OL and DL only this year.

Marc said...

I think that the person who wrote that article is a faggot. Why would you want to have your team get a draft pick later then earlier? Now that the Bears are out of it, they need to play their up and coming talent to see if they will pan out or not. This is the only way a team can bring from within.

bloomerang said...

Clearly Angelo picks incorrectly when looking at high risk/high reward talent. Benson was the wrong choice, Grossman was the wrong choice. He does seem to have a good eye for hidden talent, like Hester, Briggs, and Mark Anderson, Berrian, etc.

With the needs the Bears have coming up in the future though (the O and D lines must be a priority), I think as hard as it is to root against the team, a higher draft pick will yield better results for the type of players we need. We don't need game changers like a quarterback or wide receiver as immediately as we do an offensive and defensive line. We saw what happened last year with stellar OL and DL play, even with a wildly inconsistent (but sexy) QB.

On another note, who uses the word 'faggot' anymore? Is that guy blogging from 1990?

Keggers said...

Good call.

marc- probably the most insight-less comment yet.