Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Season Starts in Week 16

"It only took three games, but I just matched Benson's 2007 numbers."

I never thought I would be so angry after a Bears victory.

Not only did the Bears clamp down on the Packers offense (especially Favre, who managed just 6 yards in the first half), but the Bears showed life in every category that cost them the season. Orton had a solid game with 100+ for a TD and no picks, Adrian Peterson passed 100 yards with a touchdown, and everyone got involved in the passing game (for one catch each, but that's not the point).

Here's my problem:

Everyone that played in today's game has been playing for the majority of the season. We all understand the power of the Neckbeard, but there's no excuse for just "trying" towards the end of the season. Had the Bears been playing like this ALL season, we would be in the playoffs instead of the sad excuse for a team that is the New York Giants.

Had the Bears weakly limped onto the field and given it our usual 2007 effort, I would have expected to see this:

Yeah, not my favorite sight, but at least it resonates with our season and shows consistency.

Instead, we get Urlacher returning his first career TD, two blocked punts, and a formidable (if not effective) offensive attack.

Is it just me, or do have the Bears been laying down instead of bearing down?

Well, at least we still have one guy who is giving it 110% every day:

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Joseph said...

but that sad excuse for a team has some how defying logic made the post season 3 years straight joining only the seahawks as the only team in the NFC to do so. the luck of the irish must be in NY and the Northwest but not in Chicago. i guess they have to pray extrad hard when they dump in that green dye or whatever they do to even further pollute the Chicago river. and yes ahmad bradshaw is my new hero