Sunday, December 30, 2007

UFC 79

Hilsboro, IL native Matt Hughes got his ass whooped last night by the fruitcake Georges "Rush" St. Pierre in UFC 79 "Nemesis".
Hughes was 41-5 coming into the fight, arguably one of the best welterweight fighters of all time having beaten legends like Joe Riggs, Frank Trigg and Royce Gracie. This is the 3rd fight between Hughes and St. Pierre, Hughes having submtted St. Pierre back in 2004 and St. Pierre knocking out Hughes last year at UFC 65.

The fight was somewhat of a dissappointment, as St. Pierre basically beat the crap out of Hughes from the outset, throwing lots of combinations and dominating the floor game the entire time. Hughes came out lefty trying to mix things up but ended up looking totally out of his league. This was billed as a top card, but it wasn't a very good fight and Hughes looks like he's nearing retirement.

Gotta give it to St. Pierre, he might be a fruity canadian but he fights like a motherfucker. He's now 15-2 (lost to Hughes and Matt Serra) and one of the best young fighters in the UFC.
Hughes has now lost 2 of his last 3 fights (both to St. Pierre) and you gotta wonder what's next for the old man (36). He's always been one of my favorite fighters, being from the neighborhood and all and I would hate to see him go out like this. Always humble, here's Hughes after the fight:

"I came in 120 percent. I really trained hard for this fight. Georges is a better fighter, there's nothing else I can say besides that."

In other news, if you want to watch a great MMA feature on ESPN, check this out:

You can also check youtube for "Kimbo Slice" and thank me later.

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