Friday, December 7, 2007

Morning after

"Don't worry, it's still 11" flacid."
After last night’s bloodbath, I thought there were a few nibbletts of corn in the turd:

1) Grossman was able to walk in a brace after the game. Hey, it's better than what can be said for Campbell who was last seen being wheeled around looking for his kneecap.

2) Garret Wolfe is pretty good (and substantially better than Peterson).

3) We should only throw ridiculous passes to Berrian. He can't catch when he's open, but jesus can he make a highlight reel grab when it's damn near impossible.

Diving for dollars!

4) This puts us in great position to lose the rest of our schedule and get a better draft position. Hm... it's WAY too early to be thinking about the draft. This is pathetic.


Elan said...

Is it weird that you have no meaningful games for the rest of the season? Also that is because of the Redskins and on Mr. Gibbs? Also that you have an odd attraction to dudes?

Keggers said...

Have you seen JC's kneecap? I can't find it anywhere...

Not even Gibbs and Hester could stop the Todd Collins show. Who is this guy?

Henry said...

There is one silver lining. We're probably going to see Neckbeard the last two weeks of the season. Let's see what the kid can do!

bloomerang said...

It is never too early to start thinking about draft picks. I bet Belichick is already thinking about that #2 overall pick that they get from the 49ers.

5-11 should put us in prime position for another highly touted college player who will be unable to make the mental and/or physical leap to the NFL.