Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The baby(sat) Bulls

Enough of this shit. It's been four years that this nucleus has been together.

They're not "young" anymore. They're not "inexperienced" anymore. They're also not "good" anymore, either.

At what point do you blow this thing up (AGAIN!?!)? Even if the Bulls somehow manage to turn things around and match their win total from last year, what type of winning team would that be? Every year they suck in the first half, and somehow flip the "on" switch in the second half. I think Skiles had his chance; there's only so much of a balding, whiny curmudgeon that a team can take. We have so much talent and they are consistently unmotivated....

But where to from here? Paxson clearly is thinking like the TPC in this scenario, where he thinks all of his players are better than all the other team's players and hence reluctant to make a move. Get over it, Pax - your malnourished, white toothed Sudanese refugee is NOT BETTER than Kobe Bryant. I am sick of rebuilding every four years. Where is our superstar? The spurs have had the same nucleus forever and just keep getting better, but they've had awesome big men. So here's our solution:

Who needs Ben Wallace when you have all 7 foot 1, 271 pounds of pure basketball bliss known as Aaron Gray?


Keggers said...

Aaron Gray is the shit.

Why can't we just trade Gordon, Duhon, Noah and Wallace for someone good already?

Gepetto said...

If we're not going to package half our team for Kobe, we're not going to package half our team for anyone.

The Bulls will have to eat Wallace's contract, and until Gordon learns to shoot again, we're going to be riding this out.

The TPC said...

did you see gray last night, hes a joke. Hes a slower more awkward bill wennington.

Brad said...

Gray is like the Bulls' Orton. Without the beard.

Keggers said...

You spoke too soon!!! He's dominating!!