Thursday, December 13, 2007

And Now, On To Plan Q

"Castro, a converted infielder, is also on our list of targets."

And with yesterday’s Rowand signing, here’s what the current Kenny Williams “pecking order” looks like:

Plan A: Torri Hunter (Signed with Angels)
Plan B: Skullfuck (Signed with Cubs)
Plan C: Aaron Rowand (Signed with Giants)
Plan D: Milton Bradley (Signed with Rangers)
Plan E: Coco Crisp (Staying with Red Sox)
Plan F: Parker Bros/Hasbro (Still available)

What’s next Kenny? You’re running out of players with entertaining names to play the field, and you’re running out of time. There isn’t a chance in hell this team can win the division as is unless Gavin Floyd and John Danks start taking shooting things into their asses that aren’t hot beef related.

Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski are locked up for a little while, but these are the sort of people you’d want to be trading to rebuild (well, not AJ…not just yet). I really hope the Sox accept that the Tigers are going to be filthy this year and deal Konerko for a boatload of pitching and prospects. Trade Thome if you can, too.

Also lost in the news (and completely ignored in the Tribune) was that Joe Crede was offered a contract by the White Sox. Crede is supposedly looking for a one year deal so that he can hit the jackpot with a multi-year deal in the offseason. If this isn’t a Scott Boras client, I don’t know what is. Essentially, if the Sox are offering him a contract, that means that no one was biting, including the Brewers (who supposedly wanted Crede to move Ryan “the Butcher” Braun over to first base). Maybe they WILL ship someone, let Crede start, and let Fields play 1B or DH. Just a thought.

Also coming out today is the Mitchell Report, AKA “The Beginning of the End.” There’s probably going to be a lot of whitewash and careful consideration taken, but at the end of the day, it’s going to say “this sport has a lot of cheaters in it.” We know that. It hurts to think about it, but it would REALLY be depressing to hear that your favorite hero was really a cheater. I don’t think I could take it if I found out that a player like Kirk Gibson was on ‘roids.

Finally, what about this Mark Prior guy? I know he has sensitive nipples that can’t handle this cold weather, but he could really bolster our staff in simulated games.


Brad said...

The sox are mess when you think about it. You say they are in rebuilding mode, but why the hell sign Dye to an extension? Why keep Contreras? On the one hand you kind of should be pissed that Kenny Williams didn't sign anybody of import but on the other hand, if they did - they're not really rebuilding anymore, are they?

Gepetto said...

If you read an earlier post, I mention how Kenny was sitting on the fence. I guess he was going to make a push this year after resigning Dye, but the free agents dried up quickly and he got stuck inbetween.

Guess he cuts his losses and hopes for the best.

He'll make a more final decision (rebuild or reinforce) as next season progresses.