Wednesday, December 5, 2007

There Are People Uglier Than We Are

Come on – we have GOT to be able to beat a team with fans that look like this. Our beloved Bears travel to Washington take on the Redskins this Thursday, and even though the NFL Network has deprived the rest of the country of this game, lucky Chicago residents will be able to watch on Channel 50 (cable channel 8 in most places), “The U,” or “The CW” or whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves now.

Point is, the Bears need to assert control this game. As a matter of fact, while I can think of at least 21 reasons the Bears should win this game, the real reason we should win is because Rex Grossman will personally ejaculate on the hands of all Bears receivers for added grip.

Seriously – this dropped passes shit needs to stop. I am really getting tired of seeing Bears players do the “Retarded Ostrich.” You know what I’m talking about – the “Oh no, I totally just let that pass bounce off my hands and now I’ll bury my head in the turf.” Here’s a great one of Rex doing it.

We are going to win. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Destroy them with Peterson, and hit Berrian on the deep routes.

Bears 28, Redskins 21


Elan said...

This blog is obscene and uninformative. Please explain to me why it is worthwhile for me to waste my precious time staring at this drivel.

Elan said...

"Retarded Ostrich"
I would like to rescind my last comment. Gepetto, I didn't realize that back in the day you were a Skins fan.

Skins beat the bears, while Gepetto beats himself, and Keggers beats off.

This ones for Sean.

Keggers said...

We've got Rex, Urlacher, and Gibbs. How can we lose?

Elan said...

Just because he doesn't understand these newfangled rules, doesn't mean that, wait what were we talking about?