Monday, December 17, 2007


Dear two-faced traitor,

Very simply, 0.93%.

Those are the Bears odds of making the playoffs.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Bears have a “chance” at making the playoffs. Sure it would take a whole lot of coincidences and some seriously crazy scenarios but the Bears are not out. And you sir, are a fuckwad.

Sure, there is a time to hope for high draft picks and resting starters but not when there is still hope. Not when Hester can win games by himself. Not when Berrian can make plays. Not when Urlacher still has pride, And not when Kyle Orton is sober.

I hope Brian Urlacher breaks both of AP’s legs. And he fumbles. (That’s -2 fantasy points, right?)

I bet you didn’t even get goosebumps from the picture at the top, you spineless weakling.

Does this do anything for you?

How about this?


(Just making sure you’re still paying attention.)

I will be rooting for the Bears this Sunday. I always root for the Bears.

Check the math (


bloomerang said...

I'm honored, sort of.

Christ, I hope the Bears win, like always. I just hope that I crush your soul and that AP goes for 450 with 5 touchdowns in the process. My prediction:

Bears 67
Gay Nordic Pirates 65


bloomerang said...

Also, unless you're still drunk from Saturday (you have the tolerance of a 12 year old bi-curious schoolboy), it's Monday.

Keggers said...

It is?