Monday, December 3, 2007

Hockey is stupid

To preface, I don't know anything about hockey or the Blackhawks. Unfortunately, I think that is standard issue for most people younger than 30, as hockey in general has kicked itself in the balls through player strikes, stupid TV contracts, expensive tickets and poor fan appreciation.

I watch ESPN and check scores. I know Crosby and Ovechkin and that the Red Wings are the best team in the league (as they have been since I was a little kid). I was actually surprised to find out that I know even less that I anticipated, not even recognizing teams like the Blue Jackets, Coyotes or Sabres. On top of that, I cannot name a single player on the Hawks. Not one.

I can't tell whether I should be embarassed or if this is status quo.

Regardless, there will always be a place in my heart for Bob Probert.

Aside from awesome fights and the occasional highlight, does anyone give a shit about hockey?


Tinny00 said...

I was actually in Detroit for Thanksgiving, and they put the Red Wings game on after dinner. I couldn't believe it! They know all about the team, and told me the Blackhawks have the Red Wings' number, like I cared.

It's a really a shame Wirtz lived so long...

Keggers said...

Good to have you aboard Tinny!

It's funny, I can't remember watching a hockey game on TV. Not just Blackhawks but any team.

You think it's cause we grew up in Wirtz town or would would be like this if we grew up somewhere else like St. Louis?

Gepetto said...

No one cares about the St. Louis Blues.

I know your brain is stuck in Ed Belfour and Jocelyn Thibault territory when it comes to Hawks players, but come on -- no mention of Khabibulin?

Eitan said...

Amen, Hockey is a stupid game and I question is status as a sport.