Thursday, December 13, 2007

In the news...

Giants sign Rowand for $60M over 5 years: He was a stud on the Sox and now he's going to take his rock solid defense (and underrated offense) to the West Coast. Good for him, I always liked Rowand, he's a stand up guy and a tough player. Granted we got Thome for him, I still think we would have been better off giving the cash to Rowand and re-signing the Big Hurt. Something about hindsight...

Bulls bend over for Pacers, 117-102: Total shit-fest. Tyrus was looking good until he decided to “punch” Troy Murphy in the grill. I understand the desire to punch the smug-looking doofus but if you’re going to get ejected, at least make it a good hit.

Not much excitement outside of that. Deng sucked and the Bulls basically forgot how to play defense. Why is Joe Smith playing better than Ben Wallace? Seriously? I wouldn’t mind except it’s a $10mil/year difference.

Cubs (painfully) cut Mark Prior: I’ll leave the real analysis to Brad in another post, but this has to be one of those nauseating headlines that you knew was coming but still didn’t want to hear about. Kind of like when K-Fed got custody of his kids. Nevertheless, we all know Prior is going to find a home on a team willing to take a chance and make a historic comeback. They make movies about shit like this all the time. We all know this is going to happen. On the other hand, this also kind of feels like that last nugget of poop that justifies spending a little too long on the crapper.

Grossman ranked 25th best active QB by Scouts Inc: Weird rankings… here is the link to ESPN: ( I was surprised that Rex was behind Pennington, Schaub, Warner. And ELI FUCKING MANNING. I think a straight ranking system masks the fact that there is a clear tier 1 set of QB’s (Brady, Manning, Romo, Favre, Palmer) and some solid guys (Rothlisberger, Hasselbeck, Brees, McNabb) and then a whole mess of shit. Like, 15 QB’s fall into that category of “kind of decent, had some flashes, still potential blah blah”. I mean, Cutler is #11 and Steve McNair is #31 and I can’t tell you which guy I’d rather have on a contending team.

In other news, I just got a Holiday card from the staff of my new apartment building. Normally, I would give a nice check to the doorman and the super (you never want to be the last person to get their toilet fixed) but I open this card and there are 12 fucking signatures! 12! A total of 5 doormen and 7 “staff,” of which I recognize one person. Now I don’t know what to do since they gave me this nice card and are surely expecting some cash… Brutal.

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Gepetto said...

I'll miss Rowand, but did you see the contract he signed? $70 mil is a lot of money for a career .260 hitter. Yeah, he had a great 2004 season and 2007 season, but that's about it offensively.

Defensively, RoboCop is one of the most entertaining to play the game -- I'd be stunned if he's still playing center healthy by the time his contract ends.