Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good News Continues for Cubs

When it rains it pours, and this week is the dead of winter for Cubs fans. The good news rolling in off the wires about new outfielder Fuck You Fuck Me Dome (couldn't resist) was the 2nd notable item of the week. What was the first, you ask? Well it is that the Brewers didn't watch any American League baseball last season, and signed up Eric Gag(ne) to a one year deal as a new bullpen'er. The article goes on to talk about how Scott Boras originally wanted a multi-year deal (biiiiiiiig shocker there), but that Gagne is happy with what he has. He should be after a season that prompted some young computer-literate friend to mock up the following image:

These kids today.

In any event, I think that between facing Gagne and new Brew Crew member Solomon Torres 25 times a year, as well as Dusty Baker an ADDITIONAL 25 times a year, the Cubs may have the division locked up by July. Just imagine what would happen if Dusty was actually managing a team with that kind of bullpen. Wow. I just became aroused thinking about that. Sports can do that to me sometimes.


Gepetto said...

And at the same time, the Astros traded their finest selection of anal ointments for Miguel Tejada.

If only these people could collaborate...

bloomerang said...

Oh man, you're right. The NL Central is a giant bucket of suck coming up in the 08. Now if St Louis could name Latroy Hawkins as their #1 starter and their closer, we would really be in business.