Sunday, December 2, 2007

Good Rex

It's the first quarter, Rex is a perfect 8/8 for 80 and a TD.

I'll post again after the game but right now I'm so rexcited that I had to write something. That first drive reminded me why we were so excited 2 years ago when Rex came in for Orton at the end of the season and was throwing 40 yard lazer-darts (anything over 5 yards was pretty exciting after Neckbeard).

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Rex is a good QB.

He's streaky, unreliable, has terrible pocket presence and can't run for shit... but I think he gives us the best chance to win. He can throw the long ball (keeps 8 out of the box) and is relatively accurate. Let's not forget, the Bears lead the NFL in dropped passes and don't have a particularly intimidating run game.

I was happy to see Griese get a chance and I think he deserved to play after Rex's crappy start. Nevertheless, Griese is not the long term answer- he's past his prime and wasn't much more consistent or effective than Rex. He's also a dead ringer for Cap from Any Given Sunday...

...and we all know what happened to Cap.

I think we owe Rex a little more slack. He took us to the Super Bowl in his first full season and continues to show flashes of brilliance. I'd rather take my chances with the gunslinger than play it safe this season with Griese... or play it retarded with Orton.

The grass is NOT always greener.


Ilan said...

Too bad Hester thinks the whole point of football is "run fast" and not "catch ball". What a dauka.

Gepetto said...

At least he botched an over-the-shoulder catch, as those are generally considered harder than the hit-you-in-the-fucking-numbers passes that Berrian and Moose dropped the past few weeks.

bloomerang said...

Too bad the offensive line thinks the whole point of their job is 'hold defensive lineman' or 'fall down' or 'i'm hungry. don't block' instead of 'protect quarerback'.

I wish I got paid millions of dollars to be fat. Wait, what am I saying, I do that for free. Fuck the Bears. My favorite and least favorite team at the same time.

Keggers said...

Yeah, that dropped TD was brutal.

After the game, I saw reloaded the page and saw Rex with the halo and wanted to shoot myself in the chode.