Monday, December 31, 2007

The Bears are good?

Fucking Kyle Orton.

The Neckbeard lead us to victory yesterday, putting together back-to-back wins and throwing 2 excellent looking TD's to Bradley and Hester. He stayed in the pocket and only had one turnover (no injuries either). He also looks a million times better than he did last year, both football-wise and body-wise (he lost like 1 keg and 5 Heineken's). I'm also gay and into hairy alcoholic 3rd string QB's.

But still.

I REFUSE to get on the Kyle Orton bandwagon.

Yes, I am aware that his career record is 12-6. And yes, I know we've gone 2-1 since he took over the starting job.

Nevertheless, the neckbeard is not the answer. And worse, now we have a legitimate QB controversy.

How easily we forget... in 05 when Orton went 12-5, he also finished with the lowest quarterback rating in the NFL (59.7). In the last 3 games, we've been playing at near full strength and our defense has been getting progressively better. There may be some truth to the idea that Orton, as a safe and reliable option, reduces the turnover ratio and gives the defense some time to rest. Regardless, throwing an INT on 3rd down isn't that different that going 3 and out. There are too many variables to claim Orton as the reason for our 2-0 finish.

Honestly, I like that he's improved and working hard to secure his job but he's not a superbowl QB- and that's all we should be looking at right now. Go sign McNabb. Sign Grossman for another run (you remember him? The guy who led us to a 13-3 record and took us to the superbowl last year?).

If we go with Orton next season I will be his biggest fan and grow out my very own neckbeard, but I think it's the wrong move and puts us in a bad position going forward. It's so hard not to get on this guy's bandwagon too... he's ridiculous looking, does nothing but win, never complains and keeps his neckbeard for entertainment value. I love him but I just... can't.... do it.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight'."


The TPC said...

And worse, now we have a legitimate QB controversy.
We've had a qb controversy since day one, nobody really trusts Grossman and we know Griese and Orton are not the answer.
So until we get ourselves a legit qb we will have a revolving door policy and we will not be good.

Keggers said...

This is indeed the worst part.

It also could not have happened at a worse time.

Either we sign McNabb, or we've got serious problems.