Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aardsma Aardvark (Because He Sucks)

Originally traded from the Cubs for LaTroy Hawkins.
I don't know who got screwed worse.

In yet another roster move, the White Sox have designated David Aardsma for assignment today. Dumping Aardsma makes room for Alexei Ramirez and Octavio Dotel on the 40-man roster, and allows the Sox to have some legit competition for 2B in Spring Training.

You know you have a serious problem when the Cubs are the first team to give up on you. Aardsma was actually really good at the beginning of 2007 -- in 15 innings of work, he had a 1.72 ERA and 23 strikeouts. It was pretty impressive. Then again, when you finish the month of May with a 9.00 ERA, you're going to run into some problems. It almost makes you miss Neal Cotts.

Because I kind of like Aardsma (he throws 99 mph heat...I'm a sucker for flamethrowers), here's a few interesting facts about him from his Wiki:

-- Was booed in his first professional game for being the first alphabetical player in all of baseball, dethroning Hank Aaron. Take THAT, alphabet!

-- In his career, Aardsma has spent more time as teammates with minor leaguers Chris Begg, James Garcia and Trey Lunsford than any other teammate.

-- Aardsma's sister Amanda was Miss Colorado Teen USA 1997, and Miss Teenage California 1994

-- Cubs fans have taken to using Aardsma's name in reference to a vulgar and uncommon act (I didn't know this, but I'm not surprised).

But the most important thing about dropping Aardsma?

Now AAA Charlotte needs another closer.

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