Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Trading Places

"Don't get any on my hair! Oh, wait."

I jokingly posted about Paulie getting traded the other day, but it looks like PK may ACTUALLY be on the way out.

The Angels, who have slowly been acquiring established Sox players (most recently Jon Garland) are in the market to get Konerko. In case you forgot, they offered Konerko MORE money than the Sox did at the end of the 05' season, and Paulie chose us for less. That's class.

The "possible" deal involves the Sox trading Konerko and cash/prospect for Ervin Santana(OF) and Howie Kendrick (IF). If you just look at the numbers, the Sox would be getting the better end of that deal, but in reality, we'd be getting screwed.

#1. Santana is a lot like Zambrano -- both are completely batshit crazy, both have a lot of potential, and both enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset. The difference is, unless Zambrano is asking for a contract or garaunteeing a Cy Young win, he's generally REALLY good and a workhorse. Santana can implode at any given second, and generally does so when it matters most. We'd basically be trading for Gavin Floyd part deux -- a young (26?) guy with a lot of potential who is pseudo-established.

#2. What the hell do we do with Kendrick? Don't we ALREADY have too many IF? Uribe and Crede are penciled in as BENCH players, and I actually want to see what Richar can do -- Danny is a patient hitter with a good approach. I say we let him finish what he started.

#3. Has anyone forgotten that Konerko is GOOD? He has one shit year every two/three years, but when he's on, he's ON. He's also a really good 1B when it comes to fielding (he makes all those DP's look easy).

That said, Konerko will get a no-trade clause when the season starts, so if he is going to be dealt (which he probably is), it will likely be now. So let's try this instead:

Sox trade: Konerko, Dewon Day, Cash
Sox get: Santana, Chone Figgins, player to be named later

Chone Figgins is everything Kendrick is, but he's also a CF. Dewon Day is everything that comes out of my ass after a night of Indian food. Ozzie also has a serious man-crush on Figgins, and that would allow him to use Figgins-Cabrera as a lethal 1-2 in the lineup. Best of all, you can put Fields at 1B (preventing him from being a butcher in the field) and keep Crede anyways. Or, if Crede still has to go, you can put Swisher at 1B and let Carlos Quentin roam LF (anything is better than Pods last year).

I have to assume that the rest of the blogging crew is busy with this:

So, it looks like I'm going to be holding up the tent stakes for another day. Check back in later for a quick recap from the HoF announcement at 1:00 CT.

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