Monday, January 28, 2008

More FA's That Hate the Sox

If he had signed with us, I would have made a sincere push to change the blog name to "Bartolo's Colon."

In news that probably shocks no one, the White Sox announced that they sent Ozzie to watch Bartolo Colon pitch in the Dominican Republic to see if he was healthy enough to be made an offer. Colon last pitched with the Sox in '03, and has missed time with injuries in every season since. When Ozzie scouted him, no team was interested as Colon still wasn't healthy -- the guy was so out of shape that even the Royals decided not to tender him a contract. That's impressive. Every single team that went to scout him this year came back saying "he's washed up, move on."

What is more entertaining is what happened after Ozzie told Kenny Williams to offer him a contract anyways:

"We couldn't find him. His agent couldn't find him," said Williams of Colon. "The offer was designed to get him into the mix and create some competition -- not saying he would get the job. He didn't seem very interested in such a deal."

Let me get this straight -- a guy who is perennially hurt and generally snubbed by other teams in the majors for the 2008 season gets an offer from the Sox...and turns it down? We probably offered Colon more than any other team will! Are Colon, Torii Hunter and Fukudome hanging out in the same chatrooms or something?

[PhatCupid has entered the chat]

PhatCupid: man im so high right now lol

スカ-ルハク: このたてもの は おおき。 

GosuHunter: Dude, I don't care what your ad says - you need a fucking translator.

PhatCupid: u guys arent going to believe what happened!!!!11one

GosuHunter: We heard that the Sox were making you an offer

PhatCupid: Yeah, they were all like, "OMG u r teh 1337! can we haves?"

スカ-ルハク: roflmao

PhatCupid: Ya, I was like "no way -- show me the $$$$$$$$" even though they offered more than anyone else

GosuHunter: Nice! Totally worked out for us, right Kosuke?

スカ-ルハク: gtg -- WoW. ttyl.

[スカ-ルハク has left the chat]

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