Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Bulls Are Terrible

"No more P.F. Chang's after 7 PM!"

Can the Bulls do ANYTHING right?

We get a matchup against the Knicks, a team so bad that they have a 1-13 record on the road (plus we get to play them at home), and what do we do? We stink up the place!

Jim Boylan led our deuce-a-bulls into the 4th with a tight game (how is that even possible), and the Bulls were up 15. You'd think that the Bulls would lock it down, and put up another solid 20-something points in the 4th to finish it. Instead, we get outscored 12-27 in the 4th quarter (and this is the KNICKS we're talking about here), and lose 105-100. We didn't score more than two points in the last five minutes, letting the Knicks stack up a free 16 points on us.

Eddy Curry ripped us a new asshole (right next to the one he gave us when he left), and while Smith and Wallace had double-digit REB's, they were all AFTER they let the offense shoot. I don't care how many rebounds you get if you can't stop your man from shooting in the first place.

With a season likely in the toilet (we always rebound, but I don't think we're going to come nearly as close this year without Skiles), I think it's about time we used our secret weapon off the bench:

"Mad hops."

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Joseph said...

THE KNICKS WON????? wow its been a long time since that happened i didnt even think it was still possible for them do due something like that. now Isaiah will have the confidence to think that he can coach this team or any team for that matter. thanks a lot. they were on this nice losing streak making Isaiah's chair nice and steamy and the bulls have to come along and cool it down thats twice this season u guys have done this. thanx!