Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warm up!

Brotherly love in the trough at Wrigley

Whenever I think about complaining about the NY cold, I remember how frigid the temperatures get in Chicago. I mean, it is absolutely freeze your nipples off cold in the winter. Cars don't start, shoveling becomes a daily routine and all of the homeless people put on Cubs jerseys so they go with the team to Arizona for spring training. Usually, a few of these guys end up making the team too.

As I look forward to baseball season (is it even worth looking forward to?) I realize that a) the fucking Giants are in the superbowl and I can't even look forward to one more game of football. Hell, this might be the worst superbowl ever. Can't really root for either team. I just hope there are a lot of camera pans to Giselle. And Archie. Mmmmmm...Archie. And b) The Bulls suck a fat dick. They're not getting better and we've got a lot of contracts to negotiate (read: everyone is leaving).

So, with nothing going on for a few months and in the sake of team spirit, I present some hotties to warm you up during the cold and bleak offseason. Enjoy:

As much as I hate the Cubs, you gotta love their fans:

Note the incongruous Sox fans at 1:49 and 3:03.


Wsoxfan13 said...

I like how, in the video, no one even thinks about watching the ballgame. That just about sums up the Wrigley experience. Of the list of reasons to go to a cubs game, the team/watching the game is around #582. If I wanted to watch skanks take off their clothes I could cut out the middleman and go to a strip club. Why even have a team. Just open the place up, charge 10 bucks and serve beer. What a joke.

Gepetto said...

You know what this ballgame needs? It needs booze...and strippers! And blackjack!

In fact, forget the ballgame!

Brad said...

Okay, there are two things wrong with you posting this video:

1) You are trying to assert that hot women taking their clothes off in public is a BAD thing.
2) Pink is singing.

One, or both of these items alone reiterates the notion that you pork men on a consistent basis.

Keggers said...

Do I really need to reinforce my gay image?

Also, I agree with wsoxfan- if you stopped the game in the 3rd inning and just had people run around in cubs uniforms, nobody would notice.

Brad said...

....and if you had the game stopped at the national anthem at the Cell and replaced the players with convicts, no one would no the difference either

Wsoxfan13 said...

Is that supposed to make sense? See you messed up. The Sox fans are the ones who are supposed to be portrayed as convicts. Moron. If you're gonna crack on us then get your baseless stereotypes right. What's next, some crack about poor people wearing mullets? Christ, go back to the 90s. (Oh, wait, mullet day.... DAMN YOU BROOKS BOYER!!)

Brad said...

Actually...last I checked, isn't Juan Uribe the town rapist?

Wsoxfan13 said...

In all honesty, with all the infield signings (and his terrible '07) I had forgotten all about him and his winter troubles. Fair enough. He was cleared of that wasn't he? Still thats the only outside-the-lines issue I can remember from the modern incarnation of the Southside 9 (aside from Shoenewies and the steroids)