Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Way to go, Rook

(Queef: Joakim Noah)

The recent Joakim Noah news must be talked about in greater detail. I mean, the guy was not only suspended by his coach (normal) but also by his teammates (unprecendented). What does this mean for our #1 pick and for our team? I'll tell you: it means we are in deep shit.

First of all, Joakim is coming late to practice, not learning the plays, and mouthing off to coaches. How fucking hard is it to learn basketball plays? We're not talking about a QB learning a new offense -- this is essentially expanded tic-tac-toe. This shows me that we have once again wasted our number one pick on shitty potential -- don't try and tell me that because "he's a high energy guy" I should be happy. He will always be a role player and will most likely never amount to anything worthwhile in this league.

Now as for the team in general, whats the deal with suspending him a game.? C'mon...where is the team hazing? This would've never happened in the old days. As the great Captain O'Hagan said, "There was a time when we'd take a guy like him in the back and beat him with a hose. Now he's got his God-damned unions." Screw sitting out for a game. I want to see a team beatdown. Now that would do something. Can you imagine? Noch jumping off the top rope to land an elbow on Noah with Big Ben and Kirk cheering him on? That, my friends, is team unity.

"So that was the second times I got Crabs..."

So until we see a team brawl or some back-of-the-bus-action (Keggers, you know what I'm talking about) the Bulls will be doomed for failure.

Note: I am going to the Bulls game this Saturday night and I will give my first-hand impression of the Lovabulls...but more importantly, the Matadors.

"Does this make you randy, baby?"

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