Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

After taking a 15 incher in the bung from USC, I think a more optimistic post about next year is in order.

2008 Chicago Bears:
The Bears sign McNabb and Alan Faneca in the offseason and bring back Grossman and Briggs. Urlacher re-aligns his spine while nailing Paris Hilton and Mike Brown drinks 5 glasses of milk every day and makes it though the year healthy. New infusion of talent from the 06 and 07 draft makes the Bears deep and dangerous. Prediction for Super Bowl XLIII: Bears 48, Pats 0 after Brady throws 5 INT's, clearly affected (and mystified) by Rex Grossman's ability to nail both Bridget Moynahan AND Giselle in the pre-party.

2008 Chicago Bulls:
The Bulls apologize to Skiles, bring him back for next season. After the Celtics early playoff exit, the Bulls deal Gordon, Duhon and the # 5 pick for KG. The week before the season starts, Michael Jordan sends a fax to Skiles, "I'm back. Again" and splits time with Nooch, averaging 34ppg in 15 minutes/game. Ben Wallace grows out his fro, becoming a dominant 7"8 force at center. Luvabulls are replaced by the chicks at Scores.

PART 2 (Sox, Cubs etc) coming up...

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