Monday, January 14, 2008

Post #100 (Sit Your Ass Down)

Designed by Joakim Noah's stylist.

It's hard to believe that we're already at our 100th post here at Luol's Dong -- in what started as a terrible idea between me and Keggers, we've legitimately accomplished something. We've been featured on Deadspin, Deuce of Davenport, and even the radio! Because the 100th post is just as special as the first, we're just going to keep right on rolling:

Sit Your Ass Down:

The Bulls are "playing" (read: taking four quarters to lose) later tonight, and there will be no Joakim Noah on the court. Noah wore street clothes last game and sat behind the bench as punishment for being late/being an asshole. He was supposed to play tonight, but the rest of the team unanimously agreed that he be punished further.

I didn't really see Noah's "altercation," but he apparently bit the head off of a coach the way that Deng bites off the heads of doves.

Don't lie, you know what I'm talking about.

There's something to be said when the team you're on thinks that you should sit out more games. If the entire Bulls roster -- filled with their hatred for winning and local contracts -- thinks that you need to sit out to learn some discipline, you have a serious problem. I suppose I should be happy that the Bulls are actually coming together on something for a change. If this doesn't make them a stronger squad, I don't know what will.

To celebrate our 100th Post, we're going to do a photoshop contest!

We need something that really captures the essence of Luol's Dong -- we're throwing a line out to you, the readers, and hope you can come up with something! You can draw pretty much whatever the hell you want, and use whatever tool you want -- elbow macaroni with glue-on sparkles, PC Paint, photoshop, whatever.

To get you started, here's Brad's version of what he thinks our logo should look like:

So, for anyone who's looking for a little prestige and a shot to do your blog right, here are the entry rules:

-- Send all entries to with the subject "Luol's Dong Contest"

-- Please, no pictures of gigantic raptor cocks. I'll just forward those to Keggers for his personal use, and that'll be that.

-- The winning entry will be featured ON OUR WEBSITE. Yes, that's right. Your horrible design can be OUR horrible design.

-- There can be only one winner, but the top three runner-up pictures will be featured on the blog, and then one of them will be voted by YOU, the READERS, as a secondary picture (probably for holidays and birthdays).

Heaven help us.


Mark said...

You guys should ditch the contest and just have Brad make the logo. He's got great ideas and he's obviously got the art skills.

Keggers said...