Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sox Acquire Swisher

The best "I just shit myself" look. Ever.

I really don't know what to make of this:

In a move that is almost CERTAIN to screw us in the future, the Sox acquired Nick Swisher from the A's in exchange for Ryan Sweeney, Gio Gonzalez, and Fautino De Los Santos (AKA FDLS, because I'm not typing that again).

Swisher is a pretty good acquisition -- he's young (27), hits for power (22 HR in Oakland...roughly equal to 79 HR at the Cell), and is controlled through 2011. He's a patient hitter, which is always a good trait for keeping the count alive, and posted a .381 on-base percentage last year, which is better than any fielder we had last year.

The bad news, is that Gio and FDLS look REALLY promising. We already regretting trading Gio once, and had to make a second trade to get him back (deals with Garcia and Thome, respectively). He throws hard, and has lots of movement on his pitches -- even if he has only played at the AA level. FLDS also had good movement and control, and both likely would have made excellent additions to the squad in 2009-10.
As for Sweeney, he's never really produced at the major league level (mostly due to injury and not getting the chance), but he's definately ready. Let's hope that we don't have a repeat of Chris Young with this one.

I think the Sox got screwed here -- Swisher is a corner outfielder like Dye, so we're STILL starting Brian Anderson in CF (which is good, because I think he's due). Is Swisher that much of a massive upgrade over Sweeney or Quentin in LF? Well, we here at Luol's Dong don't judge you based on ability -- we judge you on your ability to get drunk and score hot chicks (see: Kyle Orton).

Let's see...chicks? Check. Booze? Check. Bad hair/cowboy hat? Check.

But what's this?

Oh Nick, you ARE a wild man.

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bloomerang said...

You hear that sound coming from the South Side? That's Billy Beane pulling the rug out from under Kenny Williams.