Monday, January 14, 2008

Photoshop Contest!

Figured this needed its own post:

Just a reminder, Luol's Dong is doing a photoshop contest.

We need something that really captures the essence of Luol's Dong -- we're throwing a line out to you, the readers, and hope you can come up with something! You can draw pretty much whatever the hell you want, and use whatever tool you want -- elbow macaroni with glue-on sparkles, PC Paint, photoshop, whatever.

So, for anyone who's looking for a little prestige and a shot to do our blog right, here are the entry rules:

-- Send all entries to with the subject "Luol's Dong Contest"

-- Please, no pictures of gigantic raptor cocks. I'll just forward those to Keggers for his personal use, and that'll be that.

-- The winning entry will be featured ON OUR WEBSITE. Yes, that's right. Your horrible design can be OUR horrible design.

-- There can be only one winner, but the top three runner-up pictures will be featured on the blog, and then one of them will be voted by YOU, the READERS, as a secondary picture (probably for holidays and birthdays).

Heaven help us.

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