Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chicago Sports in Gaming: Madden 08

I don't really play video games that much anymore. It isn't that I'm above it -- I'd just rather have an out of date system because it prevents me from becoming an addict like Gepetto. My little cousin has an Xbox 360 though, and Madden 08 rules on it.

In fact, just the other day my little cousin decided to go all Shanahan on me and kick to Devin Hester. Thanks to the respect from EA Sports, they know that Hester is the best returner...ever. I'm sure you know what happened next. Try explaining to your aunt (who is nice enough to house you while you work in LA) why her youngest son just burst into tears after playing video games.

Seriously, try it.

On a side note, Devin Hester is the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsnack!

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