Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In brief

Checkin out the kiss-cam

Bulls win 96-85:
The fire under captain Kirk's ass is ablaze! He's posted 38, 31 and 27 points since Deng and BoGo have been out. Noah also had a solid line (10/13) and Aaron Gray logged a huge increase in minutes (10) was a PERFECT 2/2 from the field and 3/3 from the line. All-Star....

White Sox win: Santana to Mets.
No need to rehash our buddies at Foul Balls, but this is a glorious day for Sox fans. Santana has been in my nightmares for years... granted, he often has a can of lube and a 14 inch accessory.

The Superbowl is happening!
In other news, fuck New York.


Brad said...

what is it with you and dongs

Gepetto said...

He's got a one-cock mind

Keggers said...

not true!!! Many cocks on the mind!