Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lou's Not Done Yet

"And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we're going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaargh!"

At this past week's Cubs Convention, Piniella told reporters that the Cubs had not renewed talks with the Orioles about acquiring Bedard or Roberts. Good! As much as I hate the Cubs, I would hate to see them do something as stupid as trade away their minor league system for another "one-shot winner takes all" season -- and Roberts isn't exactly a huge upgrade over DeRosa either. And it's not like the Cubs don't already have 7-8 starting pitchers to play with -- why splurge on everything this year and risk having nothing when new ownership takes over (and doesn't want to spend another $300 million to retain everyone)?

But apparently, Lou Piniella likes winning almost as much as he loves a Klondike bar -- and Lou loves his Klondike bars. Not about to be content, Piniella announced that he was actively looking to deal Matt Murton to try and get someone like Marlon Byrd.


Murton is actually a REALLY good fielder. If you would let Soriano play in the infield like he spent the first several years of his career doing, you would find that you would cut down on his gaffes in the outfield. Not only that, but Murton is a high average hitter that can really make pitchers sweat -- oh, and did I mention that he's still young?

This isn't like the David Kelton ceremonial jerk-off extravaganza that we put up with a few years back -- Murton is legit. I never needed a reason to hate the Cubs, but if they deal Murton just to free up space for an unproven, I think I might poop a little.


Brad said...

Jeff, I hate to tell you, but you clearly have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. How many Cubs games did you watch last year? 6? Did they happen to be when the Cubs played the Sox?

Murton is a TERRIBLE outfielder. He makes horrible routes, has an average arm, and is not fast at all. His offense - subpar offense at that - keeps him on the team.

Soriano ain't Rowand out there, but he sure as shit makes up for any mistakes in the field with his cannon arm. He led the whole fucking league in OF assists with 19. You don't run on him, ever.

If they can trade Murton to get Bedard...they aren't losing anything.

The TPC said...

I completely agree with brad! Murton is average and Soriano is only getting better in the outfield, anything for murton would be an improvement. Kudos on the lou picture.

bloomerang said...

I agree with Brad on two counts:

Soriano's arm is necessary in the outfield

Geppeto doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Cubs rule!

Gepetto said...

This isn't about Murton for Bedard. This is Murton for Marlon Byrd. If you'd read the whole post before shitting yourselves, you'd know that.

Murton isn't the best player ever -- but he's certainly a capable player, and is worth a look on any team. Marlon could flop right on his goddamned face.

If the Cubs could trade anything that isn't starting to get Bedard or Roberts, of COURSE they would do it -- they'd be stupid not to. But Murton for Byrd just moves a player for a prospect -- not even worth it.