Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obligatory Bulls Story

Yeah, that's right. On a day when two teams advanced to the next round of the NFL Playoffs, the two best teams in the East and West played each other, I'm writing about the Bulls. Why?

Because Afroman earned his paycheck tonight. Old Big Ben blocked (former Bull, current white trash) Brad Miller's shot with little time left as the Bulls go onto beat the Kings. True, he can't jump, he can't rebound, he definitely can't shoot, and he has carnie hands. But tonight, he is the hero.

Laugh it up, Windy City. As an obsessive and usually angry Kings fan (Come on, it's the only sport we have in Sacramento) I can say that it is no accomplishment. I know, because I came to that result after the Kings beat the Knicks the other night.....and then lost to the UnbelieveaBulls.

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