Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead

Brains...and do you need any lead-off hitters?

This is a minor story, but it's worth noting -- the Sox announced their list of non-roster invitees for Spring Training.

Among the ruins, the Sox have invited only one pitcher (D.J. Carrasco) for a team that needs pitching, and a bunch of used garbage (Brad Eldred, Royce Huffman, Jeff Liefer and Michael Rouse, catchers Paul Phillips and Ryan Smith, infielder/outfielder Jason Bourgeois, outfielder Miguel Negron). There's also the possibility of the Sox making an offer to Bartolo Colon, but I really can't imagine them spending the money.

If you're interested in a legitimate analysis, you can visit some other site, but to me, the REAL player of interest on this list is Jeff Liefer.

This is my actual batting stance!

I'll always remember Liefer as that guy who filled in for Frank Thomas that one season and made a really good catch at the wall. Liefer is nothing special if you go by the numbers (good power, bad avg), but he provides something that the Sox have needed ever since Buerhle was banned from tarp sliding:


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