Sunday, January 6, 2008

Monopoly Money

If this doesn't cover those paternity suits, I don't know what will!

With $20 million to play with, the Bears could stand to spend some money this offseason -- we have some key contributors that are headed to free agency (Briggs, Berrian), and a perpetually troubling QB deficiency. With the cap increase, the Bears are actually in a position to make some moves. Here are some likely possibilities:

#1. Bears get a QB in the form of Losman, Anderson, or McNabb, and sign them to a long-term deal. Probably the most likely of events, but let's face it -- the problems we have aren't going to get a magic fix just by changing the QB (and these guys aren't much better than Grossman anyways). I think we should roll Grossman/Orton in 08 using a conservative offense and use the money for...

#2. Sign Briggs to whatever the hell contract he wants. I don't care if we dump Benson and Clark to do it -- Briggs has shown that he's worth every penny. He makes the plays, and keeps Urlacher looking like, well, Urlacher. Also, while we're at it, give Mike Brown an extension. This guy has had some bad luck (IR for most of the past three seasons), but when he plays, he makes a world of difference. We don't have anything even close to his skill set, and he might come cheaper after another injury-plagued season.

#3. Let Briggs, Berrian, Grossman and Brown walk. Promote Hester to WR2 (behind Moose), and have him flip/flop with Rasheid Davis. Start Garrett Wolfe at runningback. Use the money to rebuild the offensive line, and lock up key players. Get some depth at the O-Line, and get a new offensive coordinator. With a great pocket, you really have only the QB to blame if you screw up the passing plays -- we can finally gauge some talent.

Then again, all of this means nothing if we (shudder) sign Julius Jones:

"Marion! No! Don't leave me -- take me with you!"

Let's face it -- as bad as our running situation is, Jones is over the hill. He'd be good for MAYBE one season, and then we'd probanly be starting Wolfe anyways (not to mention eating Benson's contract for NOTHING). Let Wolfe start, and put Benson as the 3rd down back -- when we had Thomsa Jones (and a respectable run game), Benson really thrived in that role.

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