Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Los Toros Son Muertos (aka, the Bulls are dead)

Yes, that's a picture of a dead bull. No, I'm not interested in being sued by PETA.

How dumb does John Paxson feel right now? Thanks to Kobe, the Lakers are right on the Suns' taint in West, and the Bulls got skidmarked last night by the Knicks...thanks to Luol and his gimp back. Was this guy really that much of a stud that he couldn't be thrown into a deal for Kobe Bryant?

Personally, I was kind of taken aback when this "Luol Deng is going to be a perennial All-Star" train left the station. To be fair, the guy had an awesome playoff series against the Heat. He and Ben Wallace singlehandedly gave us that series - but now what? The Dong's namesake is pretty much relegated to 15 footers in the lane. He cannot drive to the basket; he's too timid. He cannot shoot threes, as his Sudanese refugee diet of rice, dirt and mukwango bugs limits his range. He can't post up...because he sucks. In the smarts department, I'll give Luol a bad grade simply because the dude turned down around 50 million from the Bulls earlier in the year as an extension. That's a lotta mukwango.

I really want to know what the scouts and Pax are so high on this guy for.

As far as I'm concerned, this season is experimental from this point forward. Unless they make a trade pretty soon, I'm convinced that the roster's going to be gutted in the offseason. And why not? It's about time to blow things up, as is customary in Chicago basketball every 4 years or so.


The TPC said...

God I hope they dont go experimental, the last thing I want to see is a starting line up of jameson curry, aaron gray, adrian griffin thabo and khryppa.

Brad said...

That is a killer lineup. You're missing star-power though, so don't forget to put Joakim Noah in there somewhere.

Gepetto said...

The sad part is, you're both probably right.

I feel sick...but not as sick as I will when the Bulls try to bring in Isiah Thomas

Henry said...


Yisroel said...

No offense, but you're a fucktard. Luol Deng is about the only good thing that the Bulls have going for them right now. You're complaining about the fact that he's not playing as good as he should be playing, but you acknowledge the fact that he's playing hurt. Furthermore, he's probably one of the more intelligent players in the league. He's one of the few that isn't getting busted for going 135 in a porsche. He doesn't have a thug-like image in the slightest. He won the fucking 2007 sportsman of the year award. He donates a shitload of money to Sudan as well He didn't take 50 million because he realized that if he had an all-star season this year, he'd be worth more. If he's only 22 and he ends up being an all-star, do you think he'd only worth 10 million a season? Of course not. Why? Because he's smart and not stupid. If it weren't for the injury that he's playing through right now, he'd probably be putting up all-star numbers. As it is right now, you could even make the argument that he should've made the all-star game last year and that he was snubbed.

Is he a Kobe Bryant? No way. But do you think the Lakers are gonna get past the second round of the playoffs? I hope your answer is no. Even in the East, his team wouldn't make it to the third round. He's not a fucking savior, deutchbag. Especially when you have to trade your whole team to get him. Please do the sports world a favor and stop writing articles on this website. Or, at the very least, think before you write. Don't just write because you wanna express how much of a man crush on Kobe Bryant.