Friday, January 4, 2008

Pare Disparando

(That means stop shooting in Spanish)

Someone needs to tell Noc to please stop! I love his hustle and his uncanny ability to flop on demand but please stop shooting the ball. His shot selection was terrible last night and he was nowhere near hitting an outside shot. Every time the bulls had momentum he would take a three and brick badly. The bulls actually had a chance last night at home without Luol and we could not close it. That has unfortunately been the Bulls problem this season and I think alot of it has to do with bad shot selection from key players especially Noc. If the bulls are going to do anything this season (and they still can) we need to take better shots.

My advice to Noc is to take it in the lane, flop get fouled and go to the line. Use your strength in acting to our benefit and not on the other end flopping for non existent calls.(See picture above)

Finally did anyone see the last shot when Webster blocked the shit out of Noc's pathetic three point attempt it was embarrassing.

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