Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The White Sox Roster That Could Have Been

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The Sox have never been a team that drafts particularly well (cough, Joe Borchard, cough), but a quick trip to the White Sox message board points out the draft picks that could have been:

In 1993 we took Scott Chirstman ( pick 17) when we could have had Torri Hunter (20) or Jason Varitek (21).

In 1996, we took Bobby Seay (12) over Jake Westbrook (21) and Gil Meche (22). So on and so forth...

1997: Jason Dellaero (15)... Lance Berkman (16)
1998: Kip Wells (16)... Brad Lidge (17)... CC Sabathia (20)
1999: Jason Stumm (15)... Alex Rios (19)
2000: Joe Borchard (12)... Chase Utley (15)
2001: Kris Honel (16)... Aaron Heilman (18)... Jeremy Bonderman (26)
2002: Royce Ring (18)... James Loney (19)... Jeff Francoeur (23)... Joe Blanton (24)... Matt Cain (25)
2003: Brian Anderson (15)... Chad Cordero (20)... Chad Billingsley (24)... Carlos Quentin (26)

So, to cut a long list short, here is a starting White Sox roster for 2008 that is actually possible, let alone ridiculous:

DH: Lance Berkman
1B: Konerko
2B:Chase Utley
SS: Cabrera
3B: Fields
LF: Rios
CF: Hunter
RF: Dye

SP: Sabathia
SP: Buerhle

SP: Vazquez
SP: Joe Blanton
SP: Gil Meche
RP: Dotel
RP: Linebrink
RP: Macdougal
RP: Thornton
RP: Cordero
CL: Jenks

Dear lord, can you imagine that rotation? How about a lineup with no holes? The only pick I side with was the selection of Kip Wells over Lidge and Sabathia because, hey, no one knew Wells would get hurt. And before he did, he was great. Also, as much as a workhorse as Sabathia is, he's a little overweight and likely due for an injury.

Still, if I could go back in time, I'd take this lineup in a heartbeat.

Wishful thinking is such a waste of time.

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Burnside said...

I understand where you're coming from, and I love the idea. But it's a real stretch b/c we can do this with every team.