Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hate busts. No, not the good kind.

That's right... it's Curtis Enis.

Doing some quick math (and thanks to the folks at The Heckler ( not even old Curtis can keep Cedric Benson from becoming the biggest waste of money in franchise history:

Salaam: 2 years, 470/1682 13TD's $2,259.21/yard
Enis: 2 years, 456/1497 4TD's $3,674.01
Benson: 3 years, 420/1593 10TD's $9,370.50/yard

Now this is actually much better than his number last season ($38,116.59/yard) but still nothing to keep yourself from taking the noose off your neck.

As you all know, I am strongly opposed (based on empirical evidence) to drafting an offensive skill player in this draft. I REALLY want to go ahead and post some more pictures of man-beast Jake Long from Michigan but I will refrain...

Instead, this is my favorite Cedric clip. I was even at this game in Boston:

Daaaaaaaamn that was nasty.

Oh, right, and Jake:

I know, I know, Tribal tattoos sure are gay, but I wouldn't say it to his face.


The TPC said...

Keggs, great job with the number crunching. It hurts even more to realize that Benson makes almost as much as I do in a year for one yard, what a piece of shit. BTW cant wait to meet Revee, fuck Jake long its revee time.

Keggers said...

ode to reeeeevie coming up...