Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Moments in Chicago Sports

I think we can all agree that Vince Vaughn is the dictionary definition of 'charismatic'. Not particularly good or bad looking, not really skinny, but not really fat, funny enough but not what anyone would call talented, and this guy pulls box office numbers and tail. IN addition, his judgement appears to be flawless has he has picked the right side in the ongoing battle of the North and South sides.

Seriously, did you really think he was going to go cruising for coeds at the Cell? If he wanted an over weight cow who knew nothing about baseball he could just make out with Favreau.


Wsoxfan13 said...

Kiss my bloated south-side ass. We don't want any no talent ass-clowns screwing up our 7th inning stretch anyways, give us Nancy and a good ole' fashioned organ.

Gepetto said...

Preach it, brother!