Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yet Another Reason To Hate The Prices At Wrigley

They sure do suck, all right

According to a recent report from the Chicago Sun Times, it seems that Sam Zell wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to squeeze every possible penny from the Cubs franchise before selling it: the new "bullpen box seats" (there are 70) will be auctioned off instead of sold. If you're not already yelling at the monitor in disgust, allow me to spell this one out for you:

The Cubs are in the top five in ticket prices already. I think they're at number two or three, behind the Red Sox (easily #1). Now, before the auction lunacy even sets in, keep in mind that the Cubs already raised the ticket prices for '08, with the cheap seats seeing a rise by as much as 50%. There's a handy comparison guide here to see how much the Cubs are tearing your asses apart. Keep in mind that none of the money goes into fixing the shitpile they call a stadium (although props on finally installing a drainage system for the grass. Welcome to the year 1990).

Now that the Cubs have instated auction seats, you're likely going to find yourself too broke to afford them...ever. With the number of Cub-crazed lunatics out there, it's easy to see these tickets reaching absurd proportions for season prices, not to mention if they are auctioned off on a daily basis. Can you imagine the price of those seats on Opening Day, the Cubs/Sox series, or Cardinals games? Holy cow, indeed.

I can't think of a clever way to end this, so...try being a White Sox fan. Less painful overall.

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