Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blog Name Change

(I so wish he hadnt worn the compression shorts underneath)

Now that Luol is officially on the injured list and will probably miss the next two weeks, I propose a name change for the blog. We here at the "Dong" cannot represent an injured non producing player. As the senior writer and creative genius behind the dong I propose we change the name to Noccioni's Baloney Pony.

I would ask your opinions but I dont give a shit this is a great name and a worthwhile change.


Keggers said...

I love it.

Brad said...

"I would ask your opinions but I don't give a shit." Awesome.

How about Thab-one me?

Keggers said...

Good to have you back TPC, you've been missed on the boards.

Alternative names include:

Beef Gordon
Crap Doo-hon
Aaron Gray's Playhouse
Viktor Khryapa Touched Me

We'll take a vote at some point but at the end of the day, It's my site you can all go fuck yourselves.

Gepetto said...


Mark said...

NOOO!!!!! Now I have to redo that logo from scratch!!
Or not.

Keggers said...

Dude... we need a pic of Nooch riding a baloney poney.